G.O.Z.D-BIO-LES is a company which operates in the heart of Haloze in the middle of unspoiled forest nature. Our offer consists of various types of sawn lumber as we have specialized mostly for the needs of carpenters and wood industry, for further manufacture of wood furniture, parquet and other wooden products.

In addition, we also sell biomass ranging from wood to wood chips for households, small business establishments and other industries. Our offer also includes beech elements for multiple use suitable as well for smoking.


  • Wide selection of different types of sawn timber
  • Wide selection of different types of sawn timber
  • Affordable special offers!





Where can you find us? The easiest way is: go to the highway Maribor-Zagreb and follow the indication tables towards Rogatec and ┼Żetale. There is a sign in Dobrina village which will show you the way straight to us. You can find us as well on Google Maps.