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Why wood?

  • Because if diminishes CO2 emissions.
  • In the production of a cubic meter of PVC material, which basic resource is fossil fuel, almost 5 tones of CO2 are released in the atmosphere while in the production of aluminium – more than 25 tones. In contrast a cubic meter of wood during its formation and photosynthesis bounds 0,9 tone of CO2, as the product in use bounds further 1,1 tone. Consequently, a cubic meter of a wood product reduces the amount of CO2 in atmoshpere by 2 tones.

  • Because it is a renewable resource..
  • Forests in the European Union grow with the equivalent of one wooden house per second. No harmful emissions are released during the wood processing and work with wood. Moreover, there is no need for the use of special resources or the waste a lot of energy. In comparison, in the manufacture of wooden windows seven times less energy is used than in the production of PVC windows which has essentianlly lower energetic balance and low rating of the product during its life cycle than the wooden. Wooden products are more durable and have longer life cycle.

  • Because it is a natural material which enables pleasant stay in it and besides it..
  • Wood is an exceptionally good isolator and material which breathes as well as balances the humidity. Wood is 15 times better isolator than concrete, 400 times better than steel and 1770 times better than aluminium. 2,5 cm thick wooden board has better thermal resistance than 11,4 cm thick brick wall. From a psychological perspective wood is the most pleasant construction material

  • Because wooden products, in contrast to other, gain nobel values over the years.
  • Who is not fascinated by the carved doors of cathedrals and how would we not appreciate the family commode, which gains nobel value over the years? In the flood of cheap products on the market an investment in solid furniture is always a good idea and unique possession.

  • Because it prevents radiation.
  • Researches confirm the unbelievable characteristics of the natural wood without any admixtures. In contrast with the other construction materials, a wall made of solid wood protects from high frequency radiation in the vicinity up to 99,99%.

  • Wood has alway been an essential material for interior design.
  • It is electrostatically neutral and non-conductive. Even at low temperatures wood is warm to the touch. Wood is premeable to air, has fragrance and whole year long maintains a pleasant climite in the home. Last but not least, wood has excellent acoustics.